Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bob's Birthday

Bob's birthday was last Monday. As usual time crept up on me, and I was not prepared for the day. On Sunday I quizzed him as to what he had in mind for his day, and got very little in response. We were going out to do our estate-saleing and I offered to do the driving as a sort of b-day gift. He liked that idea. So I did that and asked for some more ideas. He thought out loud about whether he really wanted me cook something for dinner or go somewhere. I asked what he might like me to cook. Nothing came to mind. I'm not insulted by this. Finally he decided that he wanted a whole lobster. So we will go somewhere. In the meantime, I am driving us around to a record 5 estate sales on one Sunday afternoon. I get one big headache. Don't know what triggered that, but it hurt. I spent the rest of the day at home. I could not even get out of my chair to go get a card, so there would be no shopping before the big day.

Well, Monday morning came and I still had the headache. Bob did some errands and I finally got to moving around by noon. Then Cassie called. She was on her way to pick up Alex who had "taken a tumble at school and needed an x-ray." A couple hours later we are picking up Alex at the Village Inn and Cass is going to go back to work.
We walk in and he says "I have a broken bone in two places -- here and here." He points to his arm, which is in a sling in a temporary cast. Then he asks us if we have ever seen a picture of our bones. He has. And for someone who has to take a listening skills class, he sure had a lot of information for us.

Well I am thinking we are all going to be sitting around encouraging Alex for the evening and there won't be much b-day celebrating. Not at all. The family gathers at Red Lobster and we all admire Alex's cast and the big lobster.

Oh yeah -- the headache subsided enough for me to go to the store and buy a card and a little cake.

Alex is doing fine. He will see an orthopedic doctor on Tuesday, and I suppose get the real cast. He is not letting this slow him down much. In fact Cassie got a note from the PE teacher saying she had not explained to Alex that he would not be able to do PE, and that he had been quite upset.

The birthday dinner was fine -- well I hadn't cooked it -- and the cake and card well received. And our little boy has his first broken arm.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Well -- I guess we don't need to concern ourselves with setting aside that lst Saturday in December for a football game of any consequence, huh? Don't comment on that -- that's all I'm gonna say.

We did some work on the house this weekend, mostly chased Alex around for my part. I have done some painting. For all you looking for pictures -- be patient -- I only concentrate on one thing at a time. Bob told me not to multitask anymore -- to leave it to the young people. That was after the day I had stepped in a paint tray, and left the freezer unplugged, and dropped a can of stain that wasn't quite lidded properly. Thank goodness this all happened in the basement. I think I was cleaning it or something and also trying to do some crafty stuff that involved paint and stain, but no sharp objects that time.

We are working on getting some vacation time in October. Probably go for a fall drive to an area that has some trees and cool weather. Work has started to pick up and we are getting called in for overtime.

This Saturday is our Craft show at church and Bob & I are on that committee, so we help with it.

We are still going to the estate sales on Sunday afternoons. It has become a whole family activity some Sundays. We have to take two cars, and use all kinds of gas just to find these great bargains. Do you think we should all find a better hobby.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Labor Day Weekend

We spent our weekend and the days leading up to it, moving our children around.

Adam has moved to an apartment -- not too far from us -- it's on the first floor of a big older house.

Cassie and Alex are staying with us while we work on their new house. So we had to get her moved out of her apartment by Friday night. her house is not far from us either. It's a house that's just about like our first house on shirley street. The remodeling we are doing should make it really nice for the two of them.

Now since I have sworn off all remodelling in my house -- I always found myself in a mess all over the house while working on one room -- how does that work that way -- and now here we are working on a house that's a few miles away and my house is in chaos again. We should have some details on the remodel at some point, as April is keeping a journal and Cass takes photos all the time.

Oh yes -- we have Harley Girl, Alex's cat with us, too. Milo is not too happy about that and is missing Adam.

We took time out from working yesterday morning to take a hike at a nearby nature trail. Jon and April's dogs and our Maggie went, too. Alex loves to hold the leash on the dogs.