Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back from Vacationing

Well -- I had a great week off and enjoyed all the family time we shared with the reunions and games and such. And had no problemn slipping right back into work. It was a nice quiet there with all the computers humming and machines buzzing. I put on my headphones and forwarded the mail. By the end of the week, the job was boring, and I was missing the fun of cruising around the next couple of counties looking for relatives.

This last weekend we did our usual Sunday routine of Church, estate sales, lunch, and some laundry. Alex was with us on Monday, and we lunched with the pastor and some friends at HyVee. We made a stop at Crossroads for a haircut for Bob, and then to the Westroads for a haircut for me. Alex and I waited for Bob in the Barnes and Noble book store. He found the books with the "sound keys" on the side and probably tried every one. If he couldn't get it to sound, he asked me to try. I'm sure glad they encourage book browsing there. While I got my haircut, Bob and Alex played miniature golf at the Westroads. When we left there, we decided to try the Whole Foods Market nearby and pick up our makings for dinner. That was fun, too as we tried all the samples in the store. We ended up with a roasted chicken with sweet corn for dinner. How creative we are, huh? I'm sure next time we will find something new to try.

There are not too many Mondays left before Alex will start school. I'm feeling a bit sad about that. He is such a joy. (funny I made a typo there and it read "such a job") Even though we had to say he will never see the inside of a Toys R Us with Grandpa or Lowes with Grandma again.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

June Birthdays

Cassia's birthday was nice. We had dinner and a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake. That's her favorite. She wanted a gas grill, so that's what we gave her. Since Bob is the homemaker here, he handles all the gift buying and birthday preparations now. He says I should not be multi tasking anymore, that we need to leave that to the younger people -- but you should see him in the kitchen sometimes. It isn't pretty. But we put together a dinner for the family and sang the happy birthday song. We did have to sing the song twice, though because we decided the first time through was pretty lame and we all needed to pep it up some.

Next week we will celebrate Adam's b-day. Exactly one week later. I chose that. Since it was going to be a scheduled birth, the docter gave me three days to pick from, and like I could really have cared in the shape I was in at the time, I said, let's get the b-days a week apart. It has been a wise choice. They never had to share their day --

Monday, June 4, 2007

The First of June

We are having a fine weekend. Tomorrow is our day to gather for Cassie's birthday. Alex was with his dad this weekend, so tomorrow works better.

Bob & I did pick Cass up for lunch and took her with us to a couple of Estate Sales. We have been into these estate sales or "tag sales" for months, now. I don't really even know what makes us keep going, we don't buy too much anymore. Wandering through the vastly different houses and looking through other people's stuff sometimes strikes me as being a really weird or morbid pasttime. I even told Bob, I don't want to do this anymore, just as he was parking in front of one. But then I found a copper tea kettle, that was a perfect addition to my collection of copper stuff, I started to perk up. I ended the "saleing day" with winning a bid on a cute recliner for my sewing room. So we probably won't give up this hobby anytime soon.

I did not go buy any plants this weekend -- not yet. I am so encouraged -- a guy in church stopped me this morning and said, when I am ready to leave my day job, I could become a landscaper. He said our yard is looking really good. My latest addition is an old kid's wagon planted with annuals. Just as cute as can be. And we have had good rain around here lately, so lucky.