Thursday, July 5, 2007

The 4th of July

As planned we stayed home for most of the holiday. I trimmed bushes and watered and pruned. Bob was puttering around the house. We went out for lunch and then took an afternoon nap. We planned to go to Donna's and have some coffee and cake and watch the fireworks around the city from her balcony. As we were enjoying our visit, Adam called. He said he stepped on a log in the river and was kinda bleeding and should he go get a docter to look at it.

I talked to him for a while, Bob talked to him and to one of the parents who was there. When I talked to the parent, she said Adam seemed much better now, and that he probably passed out because of the blood. First I had heard of the passing out. I told her that he had done that before while having blood taken in the office, then I told Adam to come home, and we would go to emergency. So Bob watched the fireworks with Candy and Donna, and I went to the hospital with Adam.

They cleaned his foot and didn't find anything in it, so he got it bandaged and a prescription. His tetnus shot is up to date, so all should be ok. He stayed home today, and says it hurts when he walks. I hope it heals up for him. He is going on the mission trip to New Orleans this month.

Note to Sue -- Earl May gives you the coupon because they know I am right -- we should not be planting in July and they still have stock. But you go girl. Get some more -- I'll cheer for ya.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Midweek update

A very nice weekend by most standards. And a day off in the middle of the week, too. I think our Independence Day will be celebrated by a simple dinner at home with whatever children decide to join us.

The big fireworks show tonight just seems like too much of an effort to get there and manipulate the crowd to get a view, so we skipped it. The lightening bugs in the back yard will do.

We found the couch for our sunroom this weekend, and I bought 2 more plants to add to the landscape. Bob says he stops using minnows for bait on July 1 because of the heat, and that I should use the same date to stop adding plants for the same reason. I agree with him on this one. The dog days of summer are coming and it is time to stop digging and concentrate on the watering and weeding. That's the rule now. Don't let me forget it as I drive by the garden centers wishing for one more stop.

On Monday when Alex and Bob were drawing and coloring, Alex asked Bob to add something to the drawing and Bob said, "yes, hand me the black magic marker."

Alex said " I don't have one."

Bob says, "yes you do, we've been using it."

Alex says, "well, I have a black marker, but it's not magic."

Do you recall when we stopped calling markers magic?

Hope the 4th is happy and safe for all of you and yours.